Terms and Conditions

Liability and Consent

I have read and accepted the release of liability and consent.

In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I, the undersigned do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, next of kin, distributees, guardians, legal representatives, assigns and anyone else who might sue on my behalf, forever release, acquit and discharge the Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi and Genzyme Corporation officers, directors, employees and agents, TRACS, Inc. and their officers, directors, employees and agents, all sponsors, producers, staff, administrators, contractors, vendors and organizers (including race directors), USA Track and Field, all officials & volunteers, their agents, employees, all officials & volunteers, their agents, employees, and any other group or individual associated with this Event, from any and all causes of action including but not limited to personal injury, illness, death or property damage, loss of services, expenses and loss of earnings on account of or in any way arising of, resulting from, or related to my participation in, or my traveling to or from the event, including but not limited to any claims of theft, negligence, partial or permanent disability, claims relating to the provision of first aid, medical care, medical treatment, or medical decisions (at an event site or elsewhere), and any claims for medical or hospital expenses in connection with the above Event.

I understand that the Event may be held over public roads and facilities open to the public during the Event and upon which hazards are to be expected. I understand that running/walking in an Event that is organized as a virtual activity where I run/walk on my own, at a date and time of my choosing, in a location and route of my choosing, which will not have any support or security measures in place by TRACS, Inc. is a potentially hazardous activity, which could result in injury or death. I acknowledge that I am participating in the activity outlined by this Event by my own free will and at my own personal risk. I agree to follow all pedestrian safety ordinances including running/walking on a sidewalk where available and not in the road. I agree to follow the rules of the road if no sidewalk or multi-use trail is available and I will run/walk against oncoming traffic and not with traffic.

I further agree to abide by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s or World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and attest to having read the CDC's guidance at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html or the WHO’s guidance at: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019. I attest that if my community has a shelter in place order or any other applicable lockdown or stay at home order, that I will only participate in the virtual event by using a personal treadmill, and I will not run/walk outside in the community during the duration of such order.

I recognize that TRACS, Inc., in its sole discretion, may delay or cancel the Event if it believes the conditions on the race day are unsafe. If the Event is delayed or cancelled for any reason, including but not limited to: communicable disease, fire, threatened or actual strike, labor, difficulty, work stoppage, insurrection, war, public disaster, state of emergency, flood, unavoidable casualty, acts of the elements (including without limitation, rain, hail, hurricane, tornado, earthquake), or any other cause beyond the control of TRACS, Inc., there shall be no refund of any costs of participant in connection to the Event. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to any aspect of my participation in this Event, including the right of any official to deny or suspend my participation for any reason whatsoever. I attest that I have read the rules of the virtual race scheduled for Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28 including the terms in this waiver, the timeline of the Event, and agree to abide by them.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to understand the risks and determine whether I am fit to safely complete this Event and the precautions I should take. I attest and certify that my physical condition and ability to safely complete this Event has been verified by a licensed medical doctor (except where the latter is in violation of religious principles); and that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this Event. I further acknowledge that I have no physical or medical condition that would endanger others by participating in the Event.

I, the participant’s Parent or Guardian, certify with my signature below that my son/daughter/ward has my permission to participate in the Event. The participant’s Parent/Guardian has read and understands the foregoing RELEASE and by signing intentionally and voluntarily agrees to its terms and conditions. The participant’s Parent/Guardian further certifies that my son/daughter/ward is in good physical condition and is able to safely participate in the Event. I hereby authorize medical treatment for him/her and grant access to my child’s medical records as necessary.

I warrant that I am of full age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the above authorization, release, and agreement, prior to this execution, and I am fully familiar with the contents thereof. This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

I have carefully read this entire agreement and fully understand its contents.

Photos and Videos

I have read and accepted the release and use of photos and videos.

I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, or any other record of this event for legitimate purpose, including the Pledge4Rare website and subsequent post-event publications. Photographs from this event will not be used for a Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi or Genzyme Corporation product-related advertisement. I have carefully read this entire agreement and fully understand its contents.

In consideration of my acceptance of this entry, I grant to Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi, Genzyme Corporation and those working for or on behalf of Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi, Genzyme Corporation, TRACS, Inc., and those working for or on behalf of TRACS, Inc., the irrevocable and unrestricted right and permission to take, copyright into Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi, Genzyme Corporation, and TRACS’ name or otherwise, and use, reuse, publish and republish my name, voice, video, audio, or photographic portraits or pictures of me or in which I may be included together with any material that I submit via Pledge4Rare website, mobile application, social media channel or email, without restriction as to changes or alterations, in conjunction with my own name or with no name, or reproductions thereof made through any medium and in any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever. I understand that the above may be placed on Facebook, Twitter or other social medial, and may be subject to terms and policies of such media. I also waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve the finished product(s) and the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection therewith.

I agree that I am entitled to no compensation in this connection.

I grant to Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi ,Genzyme Corporation, and TRACS, Inc. the exclusive right to the free use of my name, voice and/or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion or other account of this event, except when usage suggests an endorsement of any product or service without my consent. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, or any other record of this event for any legitimate business purpose. This authorization shall remain in effect until revoked (taken back) by me. I may revoke this authorization and release at any time, however, I agree and understand that revoking (taking back) my authorization and release shall not affect any authorization and release made before my revocation is received and processed, including any print work that is in process at the time of revocation.

I release, discharge, and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi, Genzyme Corporation, and TRACS, Inc. from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur in the taking of said video, audio, or photographic pictures or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including claims for libel, slander or invasion of privacy.

Privacy and Personal Data

I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data as described in the following and confirm that I have been informed about the voluntariness and the revocability of this consent:

Eventbrite as a ticketing and registration platform collects the data from the registration form above (participant information) on behalf of TRACS, Inc. (TRACS). As manager of the Pledge4Rare @Home 5K event, TRACS stores the participant information on their servers in the US. The results of the Event (finishing time) will be added to the participant information, submitted to Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi and Genzyme Corporation and published online on the Pledge4Rare @Home 5K event website and mobile application. TRACS stores the data for a period of seven years in order to comply with US legal and insurance retention periods. The Eventbrite servers archive the data for each TRACS project. The data will not be used for any other purposes.